Karibu muri port système ya Lumitel
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Terms of use We can edit , update " The rules and conditions " at any time without prior notice . The edit will take effect as soon as the website is updated on Viettel Telecom . Customers should regularly check for changes, and the client continues to use this site means agree with the content that has changed . Registration use , passwords , security If there is one part on Portal page requires customers to register or open 1 account access , customers should provide information Viettel Telecom accurate , complete and latest . When asked to select the access password , choose a password that no one else can guess , the password should be a combination of numbers and letters and the length should be at least 6 characters After signing up , customers should not disclose your password to anyone else , not authorized or allowed anyone else to use the name and password access to any of your purposes . The name and password to access the client is used to access and use the site Viettel Telecom will be considered as our main customer has access and use the service regardless of the name name and password customer access are others that use the owner does not know or does not allow .