• How do I access to all Lumitel services?

    Dial *800# and see the list of all Lumitel VAS services.

  • How to configure the internet setting on the phone?

    To get automatic internet configuration sent to you phone, send SET to 850 or you can set it manually using these parameters: - Name: Lumitel - APN: internet

  • What is Lumitel MB?

    Lumitel MB is the bonus data that is used for accessing all Lumitel services such as: music (, mobile tv (, news (, and other services.

  • How can I check the internet balance?

    Dial *150#OK and select 8.

  • How do I activate the internet service?

    Dial *150#OK, select the package that you want

  • How do I buy more free minutes?

    To buy more free minutes, dial *140# and choose the package that you want.

  • How can I send a Please Call Me?

    Dial *800*4# and insert a Lumitel number. You can send up up to 5 Please Call Me per day.

  • How do I transfer airtime to other number?

    Dial *130*number phone*amount#.

  • How can I check my balance?

    Dial *131#OK.

  • How do I recharge my account?

    Dial * 130 * CODE # OK or call 100 and follow the instructions

  • How can I change the default language?

    Dial *140# and select 4.

  • How can I know my number?

    Dial *100# to know your number

  • How do I activate my SIM card?

    After buying the SIM card, you need to call to any number to activate it.

Karuzi Shop

Quartier Soko, en face du marché, près de la Régie Nationale des Postes Agence Karuzi

Gitega Shop

#21, Avenue du Marché, Colline Shatanya II

Bujumbura Mairie 2

RN09, 14ème Avenue, Quartier Bukirasazi, Commune Kinama

Cankuzo Shop

Quartier Commercial, près du marché, aux anciens locaux du Hôtel Mahango

Kanyosha Shop

No 174, RN3, Quartier Gisyo, Kanyosha

Cibitoke Shop

Colline Mparambo I, Commune Rugombo

Bubanza Shop

Colline Centre Ville, Commune Bubanza

Mwaro Shop

Gihinga, Mwaro Centre

Makamba Shop

RN11, Makamba I Quartier

Muramvya Shop

Road RN2, Muramvya

Bururi Shop

Quartier 1, RN3, Colline Kanyenkoko (Ruvuzo), Commune Rumonge

Muyinga Shop

Quartier Centre Ville, RN6, en face de la banque BGF, devant le marché

Ngozi Shop

Quartier Gabiro, Ngozi

Kayanza Shop

Musave, Kayanza

Ruyigi Shop

G141, RN13, Sanzu III, Ruyigi

Rutana Shop

Colline Rutana, Commue Rutana

Kirundo Shop

Quartier Kavogero, Kirundo

Bujumbura Mairie 1

RN01,Quartier Taba,Commune Gihosha

Bujumbura Mairie Center

Immeuble Babika Tower, Centre Ville, Commune Rohero

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About us

  • Who we are:

Lumitel Burundi is a subsidiary company of Viettel Group, incorporated on 1st June 1989, it is one of the world’s fastest growing telecom operators, and also listed among the world’s fastest growing telecom operators and is placed among the top 15 telecom companies in terms of cellular connections (ranked by GSMA’s Wireless Intelligence).

Lumitel Burundi owns the largest network infrastructure in Burundi. The company aims to be the leading telecom company, bring brighter and prosperous life for Burundian by creating job opportunities for them, initiating free Internet connections and services for all public schools which will directly benefit to many Burundian pupils and students.

Lumitel strive to bring the truly international standard telecom network to the Burundian and be the pioneer in universalizing the 3G network and smartphones in Burundi.

Our focus is on to solve the real problems of the client / society but also create new movement to elevate the quality of life for our clients.

  • What we do:

Lumitel Burundi is a worldwide telecom company that provides the best network coverage, the fastest 3G internet, mobile services, smartphones and other information technologies devices across Burundi. It is also the company that has, so far created a lot of opportunities for local people by hiring them.

Lumitel is also invested in social activities like various donations, to improve the quality of life of Burundian people.

  • Our vision:

Always be pioneer in innovations - always listen and care for the customers.

  • Our mission:

Our Company has to continuously innovate and personalize information technology, telecommunications and digital content services to deliver the best value to the Burundian people.

  • Our business strategy:

Our business strategy is about the following:

     1. Bring information technology and telecommunications to every person, every family and reaching every corner of social life

     2. Invest to the largest and best coverage network

     3. Apply the latest technologies

     4. Diversify our services to all customers

     5. Price to suit every market segment

Contact Us: