Musicbox is a service to provide music via website that   allows users to listen to, download songs or set up ringback tones. Users can get directly access to


  • For VIP user, the subscription fee is 100 Fbu/week and it automatically renews (when it renews, the system automatically sends an SMS to customers.)

                   - With the VIP Subsription you get : Free download for all Musicbox content

                   - Free of data charges

  • Normal user:

                   - No subscription fee

                   - Download of a song or a video is free .

                   - Data: You need to have Lumitel data or normal data to work

How to Use

• To register Musicbox VIP for unlimited download songs, ringtones and wallpaper, dial *800*50#
• To enjoy all the music, access to
• To cancel Musicbox VIP, dial *800*52#
• To download a song, dial *800*55*Songcode#