MobileTV service provide Lumitel’s subscribers to watch live streaming TV ( EWTN, TV5 Monde Afrique, 4AJS, Church, TBN, CCTVFR, NewWord Sport1, France 24, RTNB, New Word Cinema, BB24, Boom TV, TV1


) and many videos in their smartphones.



  • LIVETV: The registration fee to watch Live Tv : Free from any charge
  • VOD: 

            - VIP package: The registration fee to watch, download unlimited VOD is Free from any charge

                   - Normal users: No subscription fee, data only


How to subscribe

To watch LiveTV channels, access to and choose LiveTV
• To register LiveTV, dial *800*60#
• To get list of channels, dial *800*63#
• To cancel LiveTV, dial *800*62#

To watch video clips, access to and choose VOD (Video On Demand)
• To register VOD for unlimited watching video clips, dial *800*66#
• To cancel VOD, dial *800*67#