Night package

Stay up late and surf the internet? Lumitel introduces a new Night data package for all the heavy downloader. 
For example with 499Fbu you get 1,5GB of free data for surfing and downloading movies, music and much more all night long; and enjoy unlimited SMS to your loved one.
  • Downloading at highest speed thanks to freer traffic at night
  • Can buy as many packages as you need
  • Beat all competitors

Details of the offer:

Price (Fbu)

Offer (MB)



200MB + Free SMS on-net

De 0h à 6h chaque jour


1,5GB + Free SMS on-net


5GB + Free SMS on-net


12GB + Free SMS on-net


20 GB + Free SMS on-net


30 GB + Free SMS on-net

  • You need to buy this package before 00:00 of the date you want to use, the data is valid from 00:00 am till 06:00 am.
  • There is no limit on number of package you can buy, the data is accumulated.
  • Surfing the internet outside of this time will follow the standard charging