With Postpaid VIP you don’t have to worry about topping up all the time, enjoy lower calling tariff while taking advantage of all prepaid benefits. It’s easy, convenient, cost saving and you always stay in control.

  • Talk endlessly within your control
  • Keep a track of your monthly usage
  • Cheaper on-net calling and 3G tariffs.
  • Enjoy all advantages of prepaid package.
  • Convenient payment method: at the shop or by recharge card.









98 Fbu/min

150 Fbu/min


20 Fbu

30 Fbu


10 Fbu/MB

  • To check the consumption, dial *135#

Terms and conditions:

  • First time registration fee is 1000Fbu/connection.
  • The minimum deposit amount is 50.000 Fbu/month. There is no limit on deposit amount.  Postpaid customer can consume up to 100% of their deposit. Once the limit is reached, customer need to deposit more to continue using the service. Lumitel system will automatically notify customer by SMS once they reach 80% of their deposit.
  • Bill payment: on day 5 each month, Lumitel system shall notify customer about bill amount of previous month by SMS or email. Customer can make payment either by cash at any Lumitel shop, or by recharge card. 
  • To pay by prepaid recharge card, customer can dial *135# and input the card code with amount equal to the bill amount. If the total paid amount is over the bill amount, extra amount shall be reserved for the next payment.
  • A postpaid bill can be paid by anyone, but only the Contractor can request the billing history. The first billing history request is issued free of charge, after that, it is charged 1000Fbu/time.
  • Billing deadline is 25 of the month. Before this date, customers must pay the bill of previous month or the connection will be temporary blocked. After maximum duration of 90 days, the bill debt shall be deducted from deposit and the connection is terminated. In case the debt bill amount is smaller than deposit amount, customer can withdraw the extra amount in Lumitel shop within the next 90 days.