CUG Package

CUG, Closed User Group, enables members of a same group to call each other at lowest tariff, and enjoy Unlimited FREE SMS within the group, as the group makes monthly payment of as low as 2,000 Fbu per line.

This is essential as members will not necessary require airtime on their phones to keep contacts within their group.

Lumitel CUG – Connect more, save more  


  • Free SMS for subscribers in the same group;
  • Lowest CUG subscription fee;
  • 1sec by 1 sec charging block: pay only for what you talk
  • Best bundle of Freetalk and Internet


Enjoy the best CUG tariff with only Lumitel

Monthly Fee/person (Fbu)

Credit included (Fbu)

Airtime distributed to each member by the team leader

Free in-group minutes

Free in-group SMS

Free Data/



Within-group Tariff*

Out of Group Tariff



Determined by the team leader





  • 120Fbu/min & 20Fbu/SMS to Lumitel
  • 175Fbu/min & 30Fbu/SMS to other network



Determined by the team leader







Determined by the team leader




Depends on the package chosen

According to the package chosen

Determined by the team leader

According to the package chosen


According to the package chosen

According to the package chosen


 * Out of group tariff, applied after free minutes finish. 


-How to subscribe:

  • Requirement of minimum 05 numbers to form a Group
  • Registration of CUG at any Lumitel shops.
  • The Group Leader can request to add/remove members of the Group.
  • The group leader determine the amount of airtime to distribute to each member
  • Adding member costs 5000Fbu/member, removing member is free of charge.
  • The System will notify Group Leader of the due amount at day 25th of the 30 days life cycle of the Group. If a group fails to make payment before day 30th of the cycle, it results in dissolution of the Group. Group members then become normal subscribers and no longer enjoys CUG incentives.

-Terms and Conditions

  • Packages are designed according to the total joining fee (5,000Fbu, 10,000Fbu, 12,000Fbu),
  • To check the group name: Press *140*3# and Call,
  • The Bonus (free minutes, free data) will be added on the first day of month as long as the Group is still valid and previous month bill is paid. Lumitel MB is for accessing all Lumitel services (music, news, mobiletv and more)
  • Members of one CUG can be from different packages (Prepaid, postpaid and AgaFixe)
  • When AgaFixe join in any normal group CUG (all group member use same CUG package), the price to call to other group member is 36 Fbu/min.
  • When AgaFixe join in multipackage CUG group (the group where group’s members can use different CUG packages) they can decide to use normal CUG package or AgaFixe CUG package (Package designed to AgaFixe only)