Lumitel L6203

25.000 Fbu

20.000 Fbu

Shopping Guide

The Lumitel L6203 is an affordable phone made for everyone. With 2 sim card, long battery life, Camera, Torch Radio and MP3, Lumitel L6203 is the best phone you can get for only 25.000Fbu. With the purchase of this device, you will receive 1 free SIM with MEGA BONUS of 18,000Fbu for 6 months: 1000Fbu for calling, 1000Fbu for SMS, 1000Fbu for internet per month. If you decide not to take the sim with BONUS, you will get a discount of 2000Fbu directly to the retail price. Available now in all Lumitel shops!



  • Dual SIM Card
  • Radio/Internet
  • Camera/Torch
  • Battery: 1800 mAh